5 Points Springfest 2013!
Posted on: 2013 Apr 02 by: TJ Vedegys

5 Points Merchant Meeting 2-20-13 Recap
Posted on: 2013 Apr 02 by: TJ Vedegys

Discussed Topics

Discussed the minutes and did a recap on the last meeting which involved the dog park, website, the March cleanup.

At Noon we are going to close off Margaret from Black Sheep to 5 points. For St Patrick's day. From noon to 11.

May 5th is a potential date for Springfest 2013. Discussed pros and cons of last years event. Decided we needed better advertising for the event.

Talked about the website and possible ways it may help members.

Discussed ways to improve funding from either impact fees or generating the revenue from property taxes.

10th Annual Riverside WineFest
Posted on: 2012 Nov 12 by: TJ Vedegys
10th Annual Riverside WineFest
Saturday, Nov. 17, 2012 6:00p to 9:00p
5Points Downtown Riverside

Join hundreds of your closest friends and more than 300 of their favorite wines in the streets of Five Points for more FUN than you can stand.

This charitable fall festival features FOOD vendors, LIVE ENTERTAINMENT and SHOPPING.

The WineFest is only a  $30 donation and comes with an engraved wine stem and a $5 coupon that you can redeem that day as you wish with participating Five Points merchants and vendors. DON'T MISS IT!!  

Get Tickets Beginning November 1st @
Riverside Liquors
1035 Park Street



Tickets will be available at the Fest. GET THERE EARLY AS TICKETS WILL GO FAST!

For more information call Riverside Liquors & Village Wine Shop @ 354-1001.  Or, Email:

Please enjoy responsibly.

5 Points Merchant Meeting 10-20-12 Recap
Posted on: 2013 Apr 02 by: TJ Vedegys

Discussed Topics

Discussed the beautification of 5 Points and the ways we were going to go about doing that.

Talked about adding a small pebble like rocks to the 28 triangled base trees.

Moved the time we are doing the clean-up on Saturday to 8:00 AM.

Talked about the 10th Riverside Winefest on 11/17/2012.

We plan on having between 1500 and 2000 people attending.

David is asking for help and anyone who can volunteer.

Most of the money goes to charity.

David is allowing merchants to use his tickets for their own promotions.

The street closes at noon. Setup starts between noon and 1 and usually takes one to two hours.

If anyone knows any craft vendors and they want to setup a table they can do so no problem.

David has poster and flyers for anyone who would like to help advertise the event.

Do to time constrains we postponed talking about Capital Improvement money.

5 Points Merchant Meeting 9-19-12 Recap
Posted on: 2012 Nov 09 by: TJ Vedegys

Discussed Topics

Discussed Marketing and Websites.

Discussed the possibility to add a a roundabout at the 5 points intersection or maybe adding a curb underneath the intersection light.

Talked about modifying the crosswalk due to the danger of cars zooming by with little regard for pedestrians. Possibly remove the overhead lights and signals and place a more visible sign for yielding for pedestrians.

Discussed the possibility of adding more public benches on Park Street.

Explained the JTA members discount program. Offered stickers and window decals to members. These allow you to offer a discount or incentive to anyone with a JTA sticker.

(No incentives involving alcohol allowed)

Talked about landscaping costs and possibility of adding more of it on Park street. Similar to what Derby at Park did to their restaurant and corner.

We set October 20th as the date set for a community clean up/beautification of 5 points area.

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