5 Points Merchant Meeting 9-19-12 Recap
Posted on: 2012 Nov 09 by: TJ Vedegys

Discussed Topics

Discussed Marketing and Websites.

Discussed the possibility to add a a roundabout at the 5 points intersection or maybe adding a curb underneath the intersection light.

Talked about modifying the crosswalk due to the danger of cars zooming by with little regard for pedestrians. Possibly remove the overhead lights and signals and place a more visible sign for yielding for pedestrians.

Discussed the possibility of adding more public benches on Park Street.

Explained the JTA members discount program. Offered stickers and window decals to members. These allow you to offer a discount or incentive to anyone with a JTA sticker.

(No incentives involving alcohol allowed)

Talked about landscaping costs and possibility of adding more of it on Park street. Similar to what Derby at Park did to their restaurant and corner.

We set October 20th as the date set for a community clean up/beautification of 5 points area.

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by Nadia @ 23 Jul 2015 03:01 am
I had something elqauly scary happen with my 18 m.o. yesterday. I'm still having flashbacks. I'll tell you the story if you like, but I'm not up to posting it publicly right now, or it would be on my own blog. He doesn't have a scratch on him, but it's going to shake me up for a long time. I swear, you can be five feet away, and you still can't do a doggone thing. I'm really sorry that happened, and so, so glad you caught her.
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