5 Points Merchant Meeting 10-20-12 Recap
Posted on: 2013 Apr 02 by: TJ Vedegys

Discussed Topics

Discussed the beautification of 5 Points and the ways we were going to go about doing that.

Talked about adding a small pebble like rocks to the 28 triangled base trees.

Moved the time we are doing the clean-up on Saturday to 8:00 AM.

Talked about the 10th Riverside Winefest on 11/17/2012.

We plan on having between 1500 and 2000 people attending.

David is asking for help and anyone who can volunteer.

Most of the money goes to charity.

David is allowing merchants to use his tickets for their own promotions.

The street closes at noon. Setup starts between noon and 1 and usually takes one to two hours.

If anyone knows any craft vendors and they want to setup a table they can do so no problem.

David has poster and flyers for anyone who would like to help advertise the event.

Do to time constrains we postponed talking about Capital Improvement money.

by Richard @ 24 Jun 2013 08:09 am
I wonder - do you aulaaoticmlty qualify or do you need a credit check like you do with a merchant account or more importantly the Square. The Square is great and the fees are reasonable and there is no monthly fee - bonus for small crafters. I'd be interested to see how paypal has set there's up since they do charge a monthly fee for their services - Square had the market to themselves for quite sometime, competition was bound to pop up at sometime and paypal certainly has a lot going for them since they're already in the biz so to speak...
by Zer @ 24 Jun 2013 07:50 am
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