5 Points Merchant Meeting 2-20-13 Recap
Posted on: 2013 Apr 02 by: TJ Vedegys

Discussed Topics

Discussed the minutes and did a recap on the last meeting which involved the dog park, website, the March cleanup.

At Noon we are going to close off Margaret from Black Sheep to 5 points. For St Patrick's day. From noon to 11.

May 5th is a potential date for Springfest 2013. Discussed pros and cons of last years event. Decided we needed better advertising for the event.

Talked about the website and possible ways it may help members.

Discussed ways to improve funding from either impact fees or generating the revenue from property taxes.

by Davinder @ 24 Jun 2013 09:31 am
These are absolutely suntning! The lighting, focus and comps of each image! Well done. My favorites are of the solo lady painting/or drawing. The lighting was sensational!!!!!!!!!-gillian
by River @ 22 Jun 2013 01:15 pm
Hey, that post leaves me feeling fooislh. Kudos to you!
by qsqsd' @ 02 Apr 2013 09:29 pm
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